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Πολυκοπτικό Μηχάνημα VC450 550W – 29x54x40cm / 15183

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The Maxima Vegetable Cutter VC 450 is a professional vegetable cutter. As the name implies, you can use this kitchen appliance to cut vegetables. It doesn’t matter whether the vegetables are small, big, long or wide, as this Maxima vegetable cutter has an inlet with feed pusher with which you can cut anything! This vegetable cutter by Maxima has a sturdy aluminum casing. On top of that this kitchen appliance has a capacity of 50 to 450 kilogram of vegetables per hour. The nice thing is that it is even easy to clean. Below you can find all characteristics of the Maxima Vegetable Cutter VC 450:

Professional vegetable slicer
Robust aluminum housing
1 speed of 270 RPM
Opening with lever for large products
Opening with pusher for small and long products
Security in the handle
Safety switch in the lid
Capacity of 50 to 450 kg per hour
Stands on four rubber feet
Easy to clean
Net weight: 22.46 kg
Dimensions: H400 x W290 x D540 mm
230V/50Hz/1Phase 550 Watt

Supplied with 5 cutting discs;

Standard slicer 2 mm
Standard slicer 4 mm
Grater 3 mm
Grater 4 mm
Grater 7 mm

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