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Επαγγελματικό Blender 2,5lt XL / 15031

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The Maxima Extreme Power Blender XL is an extreme performance blender with a large 2.5L cup. The powerful 2 HP motor achieves the blender or 28,000 RPM. The blade is made of hardened stainless steel AISI 204, the cup is 100% BPA free. Suitable for long-term, intensive load:

Extreme performance blender XL
Robust construction with reinforced clutch
Large shockproof 2.500 ml jug
Mixing jug made of Tritan (100% BPA free)
Powerful 2 HP motor with 100% copper
Variable speed up to 28,000 RPM
Equipped with pulse function
Strong knife set made of hardened stainless steel AISI 304
Knife Set has six knife blades and dismantled
Perfect for large production and crushed ice
Jug is heat resistant
Refilling opening in the cover
thermal protection
Including additional components
Stable on 4 non-slip feet
Easy to clean
Net weight: 5.5 kg
Dimensions: H566 x B253 x D260 mm
230V / 50Hz / 1phase 1800 Watts

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