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Επαγγελματικό Ζυμωτήριο 20lt MSM20 – 67x85x42cm / 15151

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Κωδικός προϊόντος: 15151 Κατηγορία:
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The Maxima Spiral Kneader MSM 20 is a professional spiral kneader. This kitchen appliance is a dough mixer with a very strong motor. That’s nice, because that way your dough is mixed in a convenient way, so you can easily bake delicious bread. With this Maxima Spiral Kneader MSM 20 you can process up to 8 kilogram of flour and 13 kilogram of dough (bread). Fortunately this spiral kneader has a safety switch to help you use this kitchen appliance. Below you can find all characteristics of the Maxima Spiral Kneader MSM 20:

Professional spiral mixer
Dough kneader with very strong motor
With drive chain and v-belts
Metal housing with durable coating
20.0L stainless steel bowl ? 36 x 20 (h) cm
Axle and spiral made of stainless steel
Spiral speeds: 110 & 240 RPM
Bowl speeds: 10 & 20 RPM
Max. flour quantity: 8 kg
Max. dough quantity: 13 kg (bread dough)
Min. dough quantity: 6 kg
Protective metal guard
With safety switch
Stands on four rubber feet
Easy to clean
Net weight: 90 kg
Dimensions: W427 x D675 x H853 mm
230V/50Hz/1Phase 1100 Watt

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