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Maxima Dishwasher VN-500 Ultra 230V / 15000

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The Maxima dishwasher VN-500 Ultra 230V is a professional dishwasher. This kitchen appliance is, as the name suggests, a heavy duty commercial dishwasher. The dishwasher has a strong washing pump. In addition, this Maxima washer is made of stainless steel and equipped with special ABS wash arms. This way your kitchen appliance will work well for a long time and will remain in perfect condition. Good to know: This dishwasher has a rinse pump, soap pump and a drain pump. Really a very complete machine! It stands on four adjustable legs, next to that you can use this dishwasher not only for plates, but also for cutlery, cups, utensils, pans and glasses. The dishwasher weighs 75 kg and has a height of 820 millimeters, a width of 600 millimeters and a depth of 650 millimeters. Below are all features of the Maxima VN-500 Ultra 230V:

Professional dishwasher
Powerful front loading dishwasher
Robust design with large handle
Fully AISI 304 stainless steel construction
Special Design ABS wash arms and dirt filter
Complete wash programs of 102 and 192 seconds
Robust Protected Press Controls
1 On button, 1 Program Button, 1 Start Stop button
Temperature and rinse indicators
Very quiet machine < 65 db
Tank Capacity 30 liters
Boiler Capacity 6 liters
Water consumption per cycle is only 2.8 liters
Wash temperature 60 °C
Rinse temperature 85 °C
Tank Element 2.0 kW
Boiler Element 2.95 kW
Wash pump 0.66 kW / 0.89 HP
With thermal protection
The machine is IPX5 protected
With non-return valve
Including rinse pump
Including soap pump
Including drain pump
Net Weight: 75 kg
Door height: 340 mm
Dimensions: W600 ? D650 ? H820 mm
230V/50Hz/1Phase 3600 Watt

Standard including:

1 Dish Basket 50 x 50 cm
1 Glass Basket 50 x 50 cm
1 Cutlery Basket
Supply hose
Drain hose


Stainless Steel Frame 600 x 600 x 420 (h) mm


Liquid soap
Liquid rinse aid

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